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They’ve had the policy for a year and they begin the year to benefits .  Fun timers the cost to them is only three hundred seventy.

Four dollars that’s the savings sixty six percent now here’s a somewhat of a little-known fact with our plans.

We administer everything on a calendar year basis and so all of our benefits will reset come January first and so if you’re doing all of.

Your business during the APE season you have the ability to cross-sell dental on the spot and if you.

fun timers
fun timers

Want to cross-sell fifty to sixty percent of time you need to Fun timers do it on the spot doing this like.

whole after the fact they e p thing sounds good in theory but it’s just not it’s not possible and to do so successfully with dental you’ve got to .

Do it on the spot and thus look for a company whether office or others that can make it as simple as possible for you if.

You can do an enrollment in seconds and talk about it in seconds you know that that simplicity makes it possible.

Do it because we realize you’re busy during a ESP but my point is is you can start these plans ?

Whatever you would like you don’t have to push the effective date to a you can start them at any point you know kind of in quarter four and in doing so if I go back to this slide here your clients come .

January first will jump up to on basic services January st and  for major services so it just a little bit of incentive there that’s really important to doing it on the spot not only for your business sake of if you want to cross-sell successful.

You need to do it on a spot but for your client’s sake because if they get enrollment day prior to one one once a calendar year flips over they’ll have the top benefit so pretty cool let’s talk vision and once again if you’ve got questions send the questions into the.

Function and we’ll answer them here for the benefit the group at the end vision insurance we offer really both now both big networks.


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