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dental insurance texas¬†intimate contact with the matrix so what does¬†dental insurance texas this mean this means that once we start to restore that there’s not gonna be any X’s Composite .

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas

That’s gonna come outside and cause some overhang so if there were a space if there were like a little gap what’s gonna happen is that composite it’s gonna flow to the outside and once it flows to the outside you’re gonna have that oring it’s.

Very difficult to remove that overhang you can remove it but it’s very difficult to actually remove an overhang once you

have it so the best thing that you can do whenever you’re placing a major is to make sure that we have that intimate contact between enamel and .

The matrix so what happens if we have a gap let’s say we have a gap on that top part of the matrix how do we solve that if you have

the ring well remember all matrices have a flaw there’s gonna be a tooth that it’s not gonna fit so

What do we do we want to make sure that we solve the problem by putting some teflon tape so you can take some Teflon or maybe even no con raw and stick it between that ring and the matrix what that’s gonna do is once you put

That into that little triangle that Teflon is actually gonna push the matrix more towards the tooth and by pushing it more towards the tooth it’s gonna create .

A more intimate contact point another thing you can do is actually remove that wedge and use a bigger wedge a thicker wedge or a taller wedge what that’s gonna do it again it’s gonna make sure that