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who get extra charge on humana dental

They’re they’re humana dental enrolled with Delta Dental of Ohio and they would be told but the dental office will be told where to send the claims from .

humana dental
humana dental

there okay so it’s the data eligibility and plan information is on our provider system got it okay providers awesome office yes it does okay any other questions anyone that’s just going to recap a few things and I’ll let everyone go here

some other reasons are some highlights with Delta Dental reasons you may want to write with us again about % or it’s actually % of claims in Ohio are being repriced in-network pretty incredible numbers we have very very little

balanced billing issues we have some pockets in Southeast Ohio and you know some very rural locations where providers just won’t contract with us and then they generally don’t contract with any dental carrier for that matter

there are some you know traditional holes in the network but very few  are coming to network the video mentioned a percent discount for PPO and % for premiere Columbus is around % % in our premiered discount is so just keep

that in mind you know our net effective discounts can be close to that’s a very very solid number our trend is one of the lowest in the market our trend ranges from one point to five to one and a half percent just depends on the

migration of PPO and premier so on average it’s about one point three five percent trend that makes for some really consistent and good renewals which also attributes to our retention rate that’s close to % every year we just we get a group they see